What gives you comfort? - Danielle L. Davis

What gives you comfort?

What do you use to soothe, comfort, or relieve stress?  Is it chocolate? Alcohol or cigarettes? Pasta? Ice cream? Mac and cheese? Something crunchy and salty? I think most adults, when asked that question, will provide some type of food or drink as their answer. Children, on the other hand, will probably have a favorite stuffed animal or doll they turn to in order to provide comfort.  Some children may suck their thumb or carry a blanket, like Charlie Brown’s pal Linus.

My daughter has a favorite stuffed animal, whose name is Unicorn.  When my daughter was three, she got Unicorn at a festival. She doesn’t remember that though.  I know she doesn’t because when she took Unicorn to school for show and tell a little while ago she asked me where she got Unicorn.

Unicorn’s stuffing is now visible in her little sheer golden paws. Hooves? You know what I mean. A couple of weeks ago, my daughter noticed that Unicorn had a small tear in one shoulder. She said Unicorn needed surgery to repair the damage. We gathered up the necessary supplies and my daughter stitched her up. She’s seven and is learning to sew. She adores Unicorn. Unicorn is the one thing she’ll save if there’s a fire.

Bath time for Unicorn!

Bath time for Unicorn!

When Unicorn gets dirty, through no fault of her own, it is requested that she take a bath….sometimes in the washing machine.

Occasionally, I’m called upon to babysit Unicorn.  This means I have to take her to work, to help me, I’m told. Of course, I’m asked if I made sure she was safe in the car. I must provide pictures for reassurance.
Unicorn all buckled up.

Unicorn all buckled up.

That isn’t Unicorn’s dress, by the way. Somewhere, there’s a naked doll in my daughter’s bedroom.

On the way out the door, I was told that Unicorn gets scared if she’s left in the car by herself all day. I said that I’ll take her to my office.

She hung around on the monitor and kept me company.


Just hangin’


blah, blah, blah….

When Unicorn and I returned home, my daughter asked whether Unicorn helped me at work.  I said Unicorn was on the phone most of the day.

I was politely made aware that Unicorn couldn’t talk. I said, “That’s funny because Unicorn speaks up at bedtime, saying ‘We’re not tired.'”

I also told her Unicorn helped me on the computer.


What’s Ctrl + Alt + Del?

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  • Locking the bathroom door and enjoying solitude is a distant memory. I’m envious.

    I’ll definitely let you know when I’m ready to trade.

    Yes, books help. That’s my before bedtime ritual. I guess that’s a comfort thing too.

  • Amanda says:

    Uni all buckled up in a stolen dress is too freaking cute. Me, I depend on hot baths and books to keep me sane. Close the bathroom door, lock the world outside, and soak. Especially now the cold weather is closing in.
    And, Danielle, let me know when you’re finished your book and we’ll trade. 🙂

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