The Tragedy of Malaysia Flight 370 - Danielle L. Davis

The Tragedy of Malaysia Flight 370

I’ve been following the story of Malaysia Flight 370, like so many others. If you don’t know by now, they are now saying the plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean and all lives were lost. First of all, if this is true, may all of those who were on board this flight rest in peace. For the families and friends of the passengers and crew, my condolences.

While the CNN correspondent spoke, they split the screen and showed video of the families trying to get away from the news cameras as the families left the hotel. I was disgusted. People  were taking pictures of the grief stricken families. This is the most difficult time of their lives and the news camera crew just had to get it on film. I wanted to shout, “LEAVE THEM ALONE!” Have they gone too far? Yes.  I think so. I wanted to hear the story of what happened to the plane, its passengers, and the crew. I didn’t need to see the anguish of the families. Who needs to see that? We can only imagine the horror of receiving the news. That would’ve been enough. Unless we’ve gone through it, we can’t know how they feel, but we still didn’t need to see it. LEAVE THEM ALONE. PLEASE. Just leave them alone. Let them grieve for their loved ones in peace.

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