The Protector cover! - Danielle L. Davis

The Protector cover!

Coming this winter.  Stay tuned!


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  • I believe it’s the newsletter going out this week.

  • ajcapper says:

    Yes, I’m signed up for Mary’s letter, I’ll keep an eye out for your cover.

  • Thanks, April! And thanks for stopping by too. 🙂

  • April says:

    Cool looking cover. Best wishes.

  • There are websites that sell high resolution photos/illustrations. I found my image on There are photos on, Flickr, etc. They have various forms of licensing.

    I highly recommend taking a look at Joel Friedlander’s site There’s a ton of info there about book (print and digital) design.

    Are you signed up for Mary’s Literary Midwife? She’s going to have something about me and my cover in there this coming week.

    You and I can talk via email if you have specific questions.

  • ajcapper says:

    Must try that…when you say stock photo, does that mean I can take one off the internet? If it’s on the internet, the picture can be used by anyone?

  • Thank you! Yes, I designed it myself using a stock photo and Adobe Photoshop.

  • Amanda says:

    YAAAYYYY!! Love the cover. Perfect. Your name is prominent without being overbearing and the picture is compelling…intriguing. Did you design it yourself?

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