Sunday Bits - June 15, 2014 - MyEcoverMaker - Danielle L. Davis

Sunday Bits – June 15, 2014 – MyEcoverMaker

If you’ve ever wondered how to create a 3D image of your book cover, look no further!  I have several images on my site and they were fairly simple to make. Notice the site header which displays two images. One is a stack of paperbacks and the other, a single novel standing on end.  I created the images with an ebook cover creator. It’s called MyEcoverMaker.


nook color

Several weeks ago, I was looking for something to create 3D images of my book to use on my website. I wanted images that looked like paperbacks. I also hoped to find something that could display my book on various ereader devices. I had an idea of the features I wanted. Since I only intended to use the images online I didn’t need a high resolution.

Anything that required a huge learning curve was out of the question. Although I enjoy playing around with new applications, I had no desire to spend my limited time learning new software. I needed to continue to work on writing the second book, Criminal Negligence, in the Sydney Valentine Mystery series. People are starting to get impatient. 🙂 I suppose that’s a good thing. Maybe.


Another important consideration for me was the price. The product couldn’t be expensive. I thought $14.95 per month for a subscription was not that bad for unlimited covers. My intention was to use it for one month. Several of their covers are available free and single covers come at a price of $4.95 each, as of this post. For the number of covers I created, I would’ve spent more by purchasing them individually. It took me about a week to do what I needed to do and it was fun!  As you can see in this post, I even created covers for another author’s short story, The Summer Boarder. Besides my site header, I designed a digital collage of some of the devices on which The Protector can be read.

Since the cover for Criminal Negligence was finished, I made 3D covers for it tooCompleting the book is on my list of things to do.   🙂  Stay tuned for the cover reveal in a few months! In the meantime, sign up for my mailing list to receive a sneak peak of the cover and advance chapters before the release.


Okay, let’s get back to the topic of this post. If you want a 2D version, you can do that, as well as create covers from a blank page completely in the application.  You’ll add one of their pre-made backgrounds, text, and images. A ten minute video is available for a quick tutorial.

MyEcoverMaker includes downloadable templates with guides marked to assist in positioning your image. Alternatively, you can upload the cover image (.jpg, .png, and gif) file to your account, select a cover style, then drag your image edges to resize it to fit the online template. I chose to do that, rather than use the downloadable template. Once you position the image online you click a button to create the cover. If satisfied, simply save it to your computer. When I downloaded the cover it saved as a .png file.

TheProtector_CriminalNegligence_200x240There are numerous cover options available, including packaging boxes, CD, iPhone, Smartphone, nook, Kindle, and many more. I noticed the application also allows for banner creation. This might be useful for website headers or advertising.

Please check Amazon’s KDP for instructions regarding using the Kindle image. They have specific wording that must be displayed when using the Kindle device images in this manner.

I hope you’ve found this edition of Sunday Bits informative.  Please keep it in mind when browsing for an application to create your 2D or 3D cover images.

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