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Pull the trigger next time!

Hi, everybody! I’m Detective Sydney Valentine and I’m hijacking this blog today. Don’t all cheer at once. The reason I’m here is because I’ve got something to say. For those of you who’ve read The Protector, you know that I always have something to say. Hey, that’s not a bad thing! For those of you who haven’t read it…screw you.

I like to read mysteries when I’m not working on solving crimes in my own jurisdiction. You’d think I’d need a break from it, but not so. Anyway, I like stories that I can relate to. That means it’s serious stuff. I’m not usually a reader of cozy mysteries.

I recently downloaded a book to my Kindle. It was the first book in a mystery series that I hadn’t read before. It was also free, so why the hell not, right?  I was willing to give it a chance, even though the sleuth was an amateur. In other words, this was a cozy. A free cozy, remember?

I read the first few pages and became interested enough in the story to continue. I’m going to call the main character Pam (not her real name). Honestly, I can’t remember her name, but it wasn’t Pam. You’ll understand why I don’t remember in a bit. Pam seemed gutsy with a smarty pants attitude. My kind of sleuth. I liked her almost immediately. I thought this might be a series I’d like to continue reading. I was hyped!

I read a few more chapters and couldn’t find a reason to stop.  When I approached the 75% point Pam started getting stupid. What a let down. 🙁  She was going places she had no business going. So, of course, she got into trouble and the villain nearly killed her. She escaped. I kept reading, but still felt let down…and maybe a little angry. Yeah, I said it! I felt like throwing the book across the room. I don’t have anger issues. Really, I don’t. I didn’t throw the book because I was reading on a Kindle. I already mentioned that. And, no, Amazon isn’t paying me to mention the Kindle. I get no money. Zilch. Nada.

Back to the reason I’m posting about the book that should’ve been tossed across the room. I was getting close to the end…the climax of this whole deal. The villain took a member of Pam’s family hostage. Now, listen. Pam’s family member had been in the book throughout and I liked him. He was a good complement to her. He was like Mac or Bernie are to me. You know, he told her when to shut up when she needed it. My response to that would be, “Bite me.” But, Pam wasn’t me. I realize that.

So, moving along…the villain was holding Pam’s family member hostage in Pam’s apartment. He had a gun with a silencer. He was a psychopath. Okay, I’m not a clinical psychologist or a medical professional of any kind. But, the guy was nuts. They talked, they fought, then he fired off a warning shot. This shot injured Pam’s family member. It wasn’t enough to kill, but there was blood and lots of pain. And maybe a little whining. You’d think that would’ve been enough for Pam to get a clue. Think again.

Later, there’s a scuffle between Pam and the villain. I can’t believe I just wrote ‘scuffle.’ Somehow, his gun ended up on the floor and Pam grabbed it. She aimed it at him. Her finger was on the trigger. He taunted her and she told him to get out. I mean, really? Get out? He didn’t leave, of course. They fought again and the guy picked up the gun, turned it on her family member and shot him. Then, the villain ran out of the door because sirens were wailing in the distance. Or maybe it was to get away from her stupidity….afraid it might be catchy. Pam’s family member died of his injuries and Pam wallowed in guilt. She should have because it was her fault!

Okay, now here’s my point. You didn’t think I had one, did you? Pam had a chance to save herself and her family member, but she wimped out. She should’ve blown the villain’s head off! She didn’t. And that’s why I don’t remember Pam’s name and it’s why I’m not reading another book in this series. She didn’t take care of business. He’d already come close to taking her out once before.

If it had been me, his life would’ve ended where he stood and that’s no lie. It would’ve been a done deal.  Adios muchacho.

My dad taught me how to defend myself when I was fairly young. He taught me martial arts and boxing. I don’t expect everyone to have that level of skill, but come on. Pam had a gun. Use it! I don’t advocate gun violence, but their lives were at stake. Pull the trigger next time!

That’s all I’ve got to say.

See you later!

Sydney Valentine, Detective – Sansansolita Police Department

PS: Sorry there are no pictures. That’s just not my thing.

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  • Sydney Valentine, Detective says:

    I’m back! I forgot to mention that this guy shot the pets. A dog and a cat. That’s another reason why Pam should have shot the jerk. By the way, I’m working on another case. So far, we’ve got a charred body in a hot tub. I have to get back to work before Bernie eats all the donuts.

  • You need to take a walk or another case. Calm down. Sadly this happens to all of us. For me the free book didn’t get really good until after I’d read 80% of the book, but then I couldn’t put it down. I won’t read another from that author either, but at least the end was really good. I’m sure when you’re ready to try another one, two or three…, somewhere, you’ll find a mystery that satisfies your inner self. Until then, find a worthy opponent and stay away from the kindle.

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