My Shadow - Danielle L. Davis

My Shadow

Now, when I say ‘shadow’, I’m not referring to one created by the sun when you’re outside or by a bright lamp indoors. I’m referring to a shadow that follows me from room to room. No, not spirits. Although, they certainly could be following me. Eek! Okay, get to the point, you say.

Have you ever sat in your living room watching a movie, Tom and Jerry, Doc McStuffins, or whatever, with your child on a weekend morning? All is peaceful, quiet, and serene. Said child is as content as a puppy with a full belly, right? Then, the unspeakable happens. You get up to take a shower. You’ve told the child where you’d be, mind you. But…the child STILL finds his or her way to your bathroom door. Banging on it. Shouting, “What are you doing? Let me in!” The child sticks their little fingers under the bathroom door and wiggles them. They may twist the doorknob repeatedly. Then, the real treat comes. Their latest artwork gets shoved under the door. What’s that about? Am I not entitled to a little private personal hygiene time? Am I? Do you have similar experiences? Tell me about it. Make me laugh.

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  • I used to drive the Doggy Bus and they all wore seat-belt harnesses. I understand about the drooling. Before we adopted the Chihuahuas we had Great Danes. They didn’t drool as much as my brother’s Mastiffs, but they did occasionally wet us or leave a trail.

  • Mine has a seat-belt harness. She’s usually in the backseat though. If she was in the front, she’d be drooling all over me. Can’t have that.

  • I see that all the time and wonder the same thing. I purchased car seats for our little ones. No sitting on my lap while driving. I don’t want to be in an accident.

  • That’s funny. So, you have a full bathroom of two and four-legged company. This reminds me of a car that went past me a couple of days ago. The driver had a dog on his or her lap. Another dog was in the passenger seat. Both dogs had their heads out the window. I wondered how the person was able to drive. I was distracted by simply watching!

  • Children sitting on your lap while using the toilet. Happened when our children were young. Now, Chihuahua’s coming in to check why we’ve been missing for so long. Happens to my husband and I. (master bedroom restroom, not regular restroom. I don’t close the door, it’s not open to the public.)

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