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My Other Shadow

This is a follow up to the My Shadow post I made yesterday.  My other shadow, if you really want to know, and I assume you do since you’re reading this, is of the four-legged variety.  Her name is Mocha.  Mocha is a 10-year-old fawn and white Boxer.  We brought her home on December 18, 2010, which is her birthday.  Well, okay, I don’t know if it’s her actual birthday. It probably isn’t, but it’s the birthday I gave her and she’s stuck with it.  Let’s face it…she doesn’t care anyway.

Mocha - Dec 27, 2010

Mocha – Dec 27, 2010

Mocha is a semi-professional shadow.  Before deciding to invite a Boxer home, I read about them and read the rescue organization’s website.  By the way, they’re a non-profit.  [begin shameless plug] Their website is BRLA. If you live in Southern California and would like to rescue a Boxer, look them up.  They’re a great bunch of people who do good work.  [/end shameless plug] Anyway, before being sidetracked, I was telling you what I did prior to my decision.  Based on my readings and conversations with Boxer owners, I had learned that Boxers love being around their people.  Others have told me their Boxers followed them too.  I’m not talking about following me to the kitchen, where she’s hoping for a snack. I’m talking about following me everywhere. She usually doesn’t follow me to the bathroom, wanting to get in, however.  Unlike someone else, I know.

You may have noticed I said Mocha was a semi-professional shadow.  The reason for that is simple: Mocha sometimes bumps into the backs of my legs when she follows me.  No kidding!  Sometimes, if I’m wearing slippers, she steps on the back, just as I lift my heel. Her timing is impeccable.  I’ve nearly fallen several times. I wonder if she’s trying to trip me because I haven’t given her enough belly rubs that day. Not only is she treacherous when she’s behind me, but if she’s in front of me, she tries to guess where I’m going and occasionally ends up in my path.  I love her dearly, and can’t imagine my world without her, but I think she will be the cause of me having a broken limb someday.  It’ll be worth the pain, I think.  She’s a sweetheart shadow.  Do your dogs (cats, rabbits, etc.) follow you?

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  • Hi, Amanda! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’d be worried about Maple getting hurt too. Once, when I had the oven door completely open to remove something, Mocha came into the kitchen. She walked up to the hot oven door and the bottom edge of her jowls touched it. I gasped, but she simply moseyed away like she didn’t feel it. Maybe she didn’t.

    When she sees me or my daughter looking around in her basket, which contains her leash, poop bag rolls, and other miscellaneous Mocha items, she gets very excited, thinking she’s going for a walk. She can barely sit still. I make her sit before I put the leash on though. Sometimes she’ll sit for a second, then pop back up, impatient. It’s funny.

  • Amanda says:

    Beautiful brindle Boxer, Danielle! Those rescue sites are wonderful, they do such good work.

    Maple knows the signs of when I’m about to leave the house (more time than usual in the bathroom) and that’s when she attaches herself to my right calf. Or, when she knows it’s walk time and I’m running late. But the worst time, the only time it really worries me, is when we’re all in the kitchen getting supper ready. She plops herself down in the middle of the room, usually in front of the stove, and we have to dance around her. The thought of boiling water getting knocked on her makes me a nervous wreck. I tried to train her to stay in the living room but my husband started feeding her cheese while he was cooking. No hope for the training now.

  • My husband usually changes their names, but not this time, so I changed the spelling to make him more ours.

  • That’s a lovely story. I hope Bruiser will be okay soon. It’s difficult to watch a pet not feeling well. I see you changed the spelling of Meiko’s name. I changed Mocha’s too. It was originally Moca.

  • We have two. One, Bruiser, is in the hospital right now. He’s really sick. They’re trying to find out what’s going on. As far as stepping on them, they’re pretty good about staying away. I accidentally step on the English Shepherd a lot.
    Here’s the story I wrote about Meiko, the first Chihuahua we adopted, It was later published in several newspapers around the US.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Dennise. How many Chihuahuas do you have? Do you ever accidentally step on them?

  • My Chihuahua’s follow me everywhere. See previous comment in your “My Shadow” blog post.

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