It’s almost time for Criminal Negligence! – Danielle L. Davis

It’s almost time for Criminal Negligence!

No, I’m not talking about committing a crime.  😀 Criminal Negligence is book two in the Sydney Valentine Mystery series and will be available on Amazon on October 10th.  Currently, it’s available for pre-order.

If you’re also a  subscriber to my newsletter you’ll receive the first two chapters in my newsletter tomorrow, September 26th. Lucky you!  🙂 If you’re not a newsletter subscriber, you can sign up here or click the starburst on the right side of the page.  Don’t expect to get newsletters from me every week, or even every month.   I’ll only send them when I have news. 😉

To celebrate Criminal Negligence, I’ve reduced the price of the first book in the series, The Protector. It’s now .99 on Amazon! The regular price was $2.99 and I don’t know how long it will remain at .99.  So, if you haven’t read it yet…

I’ve been working on the third book since last year and hope to have it out in January/February 2016. Newsletter subscribers will be the first to see the book’s cover and read an excerpt.

Criminal Negligence200x320An unidentified young woman’s bloody corpse is found in the backyard hot tub of a high-end home. Detective Sydney Valentine arrives at the scene and discovers nothing is as it initially appears—far from it.

Valentine’s pursuit of Jane Doe’s identity uncovers secrets and lies. Her investigation reveals treachery and deceit as more crimes change or end the lives of those connected to the victim.

Throughout it all, Detective Valentine must face her own personal and professional challenges.

She digs deeper to expose the truth behind the skeletons in the fancy closets before she becomes one of them.

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