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Good news from Sydney Valentine!

Sydney here.  Some of you may be happy to know that I got in trouble for the blog hijack last month. Go figure. I’m supposed to apologize. Yeah, like that’ll ever happen. Some people just don’t appreciate good help.  I also helped with the new book cover for The Protector. I hope you’ve all read it by now. If not, you know the rest. I don’t need to say it again.

Not only did Danielle let me have it for the hijack, but also because I wrote such a long post with no pictures. She then told me to get my own blog. Really? I said I thought this was my blog. Well, she didn’t like that at all. She pointed out that her name is in the URL. I told her that my name was everywhere else, so I should be able to post too. It was then requested that I shut up. Not gonna happen. She should know better.

Anyway, after a few rounds of fighting negotiations, we decided that I will post. Not all the time, but, as you can see, I now have my own user name and I don’t have to steal use her password.

By the way, someone ratted me out to Danielle. You know who you are. My sister was a tattletale when we were kids. She used to run to my mom a lot. And I mean RUN. “Mom, Syd said a bad word.” or “Mom, Syd put gum in my hair.” or “Mom, Syd hit me.” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, this worked out well for me everyone.  I’ll be in touch. Stay tuned.

Time to go!

Sydney Valentine,  Detective – Sansansolita Police Department

PS: Still no pictures. Oh, well. Keep waiting.

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