Do you always trust your instincts? - Danielle L. Davis

Do you always trust your instincts?

GasPump_iStock_000004144395Small_400x266I stopped at Sam’s Club yesterday to get gas after work. If you’re familiar with how Sam’s Club operates, you know that I had to first swipe my club card and my payment card before the pump was operable. I swiped both, filled my tank, and replaced the nozzle. While I was twisting my gas cap on I saw a man walking toward me from his car, which was parked at the pump ahead of mine. Initially, I thought he was going to ask for money. Surprise, surprise. He didn’t. Here’s how it went.

Man: “I forgot my membership card at home. Can you swipe yours for me?”

Danielle: “I can’t do that.” I was frowning and shaking my head. “That doesn’t seem right to me.” I walked behind my car, heading to the driver’s side. My mind was made up. No can do. End of conversation.

Man: “You just have to swipe it. I’m using my own money.” He followed me. “I’m paying for the gas.”

Danielle:  I looked around for the attendant. Where are they when you need them? I kept walking and said, “I can’t do it. That just doesn’t seem right to me.” I opened my car door and hopped in. As I drove away, I saw him heading to the other side toward another woman who was pumping her gas.

I don’t know if he was telling the truth, but it was suspicious to me. It’s not that I’m super honest, or anything. But, this situation was odd. Also, I think it’s highly unlikely that someone who bought their gas at a warehouse club would not have the card with them at all times. Why didn’t he just go to a different gas station? Was he looking for less expensive gas? Who knows.

Maybe I’m becoming as suspicious with people as my main character, Sydney Valentine. Sometimes, I think you’ve just got to go with your gut.

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  • HA HA! Yeah, except I didn’t want to stick around for the answer. What would you have done? Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Barb.

  • barbtaub says:

    Ah. The first thing you should have asked him is, “How old is your teenager?” You know, the one who borrowed Dad’s Sam’s card to get the pizza and chips for his party. Junior probably brought the car back (empty) but didn’t return Dad’s membership card. So there is Dad, who coasted in there on fumes and has waited in that annoying gas line to get to the discount pumps and THEY WON’T FRIGGIN WORK without the card.
    Or maybe he’s an axe-murderer just seeking to fuel up on cheap gas. Hard call.

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