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Cover reveals, contests, pre-release chapters, and book news!

Hey, everybody! Sydney here. I want to let you know Danielle is starting a newsletter! She’s going to keep you up-do-date on her books and what’s going on in her life. You won’t find out super personal stuff, like how much she weighs. BUT, you’ll be an insider on lots of other things. Trust me, it will be worth it. It’s funny, when people say ‘trust me’, you usually shouldn’t. That’s not the case here. I promise.

Would you like to get the first few chapters of her books before they’re released? I know I would! What would it mean to you to get a look at book covers before anyone else? There will also be contests that only newsletter subscribers will hear about.

MoneyGave_300x200She’ll also write about people who’ve overcome tough odds in their lives. Of course, there will be something on crime, punishment, and justice. I love that part!

Now, here’s the best thing I like about this  deal. I’m getting my own column! Yes, I am. I’ll do some book reviews and opinion pieces about something going on in the news that interests me. My book reviews may be similar to the one I did here in April 2014 when I hijacked borrowed this blog.  If you haven’t read it,  check it out. I may or may not reveal the title of the book. If I don’t tell you the title is it still a review? Whatever. I think you’ll enjoy it anyway. You’ll be able to ask me questions and I’ll answer them in my column. I hope you’ll be interested in Danielle’s News and Sydney’s Corner!

Remember, you won’t get to enjoy any of this if you don’t sign up for Danielle’s News. This is separate from following the blog.

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