Two new books coming soon! - Danielle L. Davis

Two new books coming soon!

A dead doctor in the waiting room isn’t good for business. By all accounts, Dr. Chad Ball was a good pediatric physician. The best in Southern California, if anyone had asked him. His patients loved him too. Someone didn’t love him enough and bludgeoned him with one of his expensive prized golf clubs.

Detective Sydney Valentine’s job is to dig through his life, which included a partnership in a medical practice, strippers, and a trophy wife. A John Doe turns up dead and the person who reported it is someone from Valentine’s past. A past that she’s tried to forget.

As Sydney pursues the case, she thinks there’s a connection between the two deaths and risks her life to prove it.

When she approaches the truth of what happened to these two men, things heat up in her personal life as well. She pushes forward in her investigation, even as her life goes up in flames, along with the house she’d recently purchased.

This only increases her determination to catch this killer as she realizes she could be injured or killed in the process.

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Mike Riley was known for his sharp wit and winning record coaching the San Sansolita High School football team. When his body is found on a Candyland themed float on the night of the homecoming dance, nobody indicated they saw or heard anything out of the ordinary that night.

During her investigation, Detective Sydney Valentine learns that the coach was also known for his love of the ladies—any lady, married or single. Did a jealous boyfriend or husband find out about the infidelity and decide to get rid of the competition--permanently?

While the school was grieving Coach Riley's death, Miss Price, an English teacher, is discovered face-down and dead among the yellow roses in her flower garden. She enjoyed playing the slots at casinos and any other type of wagers. She was also deeply in debt. Did she owe money to the wrong person and paid with her life?

As Valentine puts the clues together, she realizes the cases are connected and it gives new meaning to the phrase ‘Put your game face on.’

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