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It’s almost time for Criminal Negligence!

No, I’m not talking about committing a crime.¬† ūüėÄ Criminal Negligence is book two in the Sydney Valentine Mystery series and will be available on Amazon on October 10th.¬† Currently, it’s available for pre-order. If you’re also a¬† subscriber to my newsletter you’ll receive the first two chapters in my newsletter tomorrow, September 26th. Lucky […]

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Are they speaking and acting like children?

As my daughter was reading a chapter book featuring a young elementary school girl as the main character, I began thinking about how the¬†dialogue¬†was¬†worse than how a child of that age actually spoke. For example, instead of ‘I ran.’ the child said ‘I runned.’ This occurred throughout the book. I understand that it was written […]

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Is your book’s main character YOU?

“Is Sydney Valentine you?” I’ve been asked that question several times. I imagine that if the main character is of the same gender as the writer, that might be the assumption with some readers. I think most writers would say that a few (or all)¬†of their characters share some of their¬†traits.¬†It could be something minor. […]

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Detective Sydney Valentine nails him to the wall, literally.

This is a short excerpt from chapter two of The Protector. Detective Sydney Valentine¬†and Bernie (her partner) are discussing an incident from Sydney’s past, before law enforcement. Her best friend¬†committed suicide after her¬†rapist was acquitted. Sydney begins this conversation. “Two weeks after the trial I found her in her room lying on her bed. She […]

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The Protector ebook is FREE today on Amazon!

Get The Protector ebook¬†on Amazon! When the body of a social worker is found on the stairway inside the building where she works, a mouthful of Scrabble letters tells Detective Valentine that this is not a random killing. And it‚Äôs not. A brutal killer with a sinister connection to Child Protective Services is prowling the […]

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Good news from Sydney Valentine!

Sydney here.¬† Some of you may be happy to know that I got in trouble for the blog hijack last month.¬†Go figure. I’m supposed to apologize.¬†Yeah, like that’ll ever¬†happen. Some people just don’t appreciate good help.¬† I also helped with the new book cover for The Protector. I hope you’ve all read it by now.¬†If […]

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