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Editing, cleaning, and the simplicity of layers

Earlier this week, my eight-year-old daughter and I discussed the lack of cleaning in her bedroom. She usually comes up with an excuse. The most recent, which was probably the most believable I’ve heard lately, was “I don’t know where to start.” She grabbed her head for emphasis and said, “My head is confused!” That’s because the room looked like a bomb […]

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Good news from Sydney Valentine!

Sydney here.  Some of you may be happy to know that I got in trouble for the blog hijack last month. Go figure. I’m supposed to apologize. Yeah, like that’ll ever happen. Some people just don’t appreciate good help.  I also helped with the new book cover for The Protector. I hope you’ve all read it by now. If […]

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What gives you comfort?

What do you use to soothe, comfort, or relieve stress?  Is it chocolate? Alcohol or cigarettes? Pasta? Ice cream? Mac and cheese? Something crunchy and salty? I think most adults, when asked that question, will provide some type of food or drink as their answer. Children, on the other hand, will probably have a favorite […]

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My Other Shadow

This is a follow up to the My Shadow post I made yesterday.  My other shadow, if you really want to know, and I assume you do since you’re reading this, is of the four-legged variety.  Her name is Mocha.  Mocha is a 10-year-old fawn and white Boxer.  We brought her home on December 18, 2010, which […]

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My Shadow

Now, when I say ‘shadow’, I’m not referring to one created by the sun when you’re outside or by a bright lamp indoors. I’m referring to a shadow that follows me from room to room. No, not spirits. Although, they certainly could be following me. Eek! Okay, get to the point, you say. Have you […]

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