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Are they speaking and acting like children?

As my daughter was reading a chapter book featuring a young elementary school girl as the main character, I began thinking about how the dialogue was worse than how a child of that age actually spoke. For example, instead of ‘I ran.’ the child said ‘I runned.’ This occurred throughout the book. I understand that it was written […]

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Bernie’s donuts

I’ve got another excerpt from The Protector. It’s also on the menu here Sydney and Bernie are about to leave the station to interview someone who may be involved with their case. “We need to find out if she was even there first.” He walked through the door, taking long strides. “Right.” I hurried to […]

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Another excerpt from The Protector

Detective Valentine and her  partner, Detective Bernard, have just left the home of the family of a homicide victim. Sydney recognizes the husband as someone from her past, before she began her career in law enforcement. This excerpt can also be found here. “You want to tell me what the hell just happened in there?” […]

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The Protector – Excerpt 1

Surprise! Sydney gets an online personal ad profile. 

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