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An Open Letter To Ellen DeGeneres

I came across this blog post while browsing the WordPress Freshly Pressed blogs today. This is a heartwarming letter from a father to Ellen DeGeneres, his 14-year-old daughter, Sarah’s, idol.

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Guest author – Matt Tomerlin – The Devil’s Fire series

I’m pleased to welcome Matt Tomerlin, author of the pirate adventure series, The Devil’s Fire. The third and final book, The Devil’s Horizon, is set to be released on July 3, 2013, just days away! Matt, thanks for stopping by and taking the time for this interview.  Let’s get started. Your female characters, especially Katherine (Kate), are smart, […]

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The Protector – Excerpt 1

Surprise! Sydney gets an online personal ad profile. 

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Guest author – Betty Webb

I’d like to welcome Betty Webb, author of the Lena Jones mystery series and the Gunn Zoo mystery series. Betty, thank you for being my first guest author!  I appreciate the time you’ve taken to answer my questions and the amount of detail you’ve provided in your responses. 1. Your novels bring serious human rights […]

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My Other Shadow

This is a follow up to the My Shadow post I made yesterday.  My other shadow, if you really want to know, and I assume you do since you’re reading this, is of the four-legged variety.  Her name is Mocha.  Mocha is a 10-year-old fawn and white Boxer.  We brought her home on December 18, 2010, which […]

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My Shadow

Now, when I say ‘shadow’, I’m not referring to one created by the sun when you’re outside or by a bright lamp indoors. I’m referring to a shadow that follows me from room to room. No, not spirits. Although, they certainly could be following me. Eek! Okay, get to the point, you say. Have you […]

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