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Guest Post: Top Productivity Tools All Writers Should Know About

Shannon posted about top productivity tools for writers. Take a look!

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‘Reunion of the Heart’ is here!!!!

Reunion of the Heart is here! Go check it out! Go on. You know you want to. 🙂

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Murder at the Maples is now FREE on Kindle

Hey, cozy mystery lovers! Joanne Phillips is offering her book, MURDER at the MAPLES, FREE from today until Monday on Amazon. It’s a cozy romance-mystery. This is the first book in the Flora Lively series. Go get it! I did. 🙂

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Cover reveal for ‘Reunion of the Heart’!!!

Elaine Jeremiah’s cover for her latest novel, REUNION of the HEART is ready! This will be released August 15th. Check out her site for more information.

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Are they speaking and acting like children?

As my daughter was reading a chapter book featuring a young elementary school girl as the main character, I began thinking about how the dialogue was worse than how a child of that age actually spoke. For example, instead of ‘I ran.’ the child said ‘I runned.’ This occurred throughout the book. I understand that it was written […]

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Review: The Protector – Danielle Lenee Davis

An amazing review of The Protector! Daniela said it’s the best murder mystery novel she’s ever read. Yes, she did! Please stop by her blog and check it out. She’s written quite a few reviews on other books, too. Check those out as well. Thank you, Dani! Danielle Lenee Davis

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Is your book’s main character YOU?

“Is Sydney Valentine you?” I’ve been asked that question several times. I imagine that if the main character is of the same gender as the writer, that might be the assumption with some readers. I think most writers would say that a few (or all) of their characters share some of their traits. It could be something minor. […]

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Pursuing The Reader’s Standard

Laekan Kemp has written an excellent post about readers. As a reader, I think this post says it all! I, too, am looking for a good story, and an authentic and strong voice. Yes, I agree! This is exactly why I continue to read the series books that I do. Check out her post!

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Detective Sydney Valentine nails him to the wall, literally.

This is a short excerpt from chapter two of The Protector. Detective Sydney Valentine and Bernie (her partner) are discussing an incident from Sydney’s past, before law enforcement. Her best friend committed suicide after her rapist was acquitted. Sydney begins this conversation. “Two weeks after the trial I found her in her room lying on her bed. She […]

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