Meanwhile, just outside of ferguson…

Danielle Lenee Davis:


I’m so glad you posted this. Like Barb, I’ve been wondering how you were doing. I hope it works out the way it’s supposed to.

Take care everybody. Be safe!

Originally posted on don of all trades:

I followed a trail of blood up the concrete steps as Deja vu overtook my thoughts.

I’d been here before, just a few short months ago, doing the same exact thing, following a trail of blood to an open front door.

As was the case then, on this night there had been another call for shots fired heard coming from the street.

A trail of blood, an open door and no body to be found.

Just like last time, the person was taken to the hospital by a friend, so we wait to hear from the hospital when they make their mandatory call about somebody coming into the emergency room with bullets in their body.

As I was checking the house for another injured or dead person, I couldn’t help but notice that the house was exactly as it had been before.

There was no furniture in the living room…

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SEE NO EVIL gets a new cover!

I had a new cover created for my short story, See No Evil. Thank you, Deborah, of Tugboat Design! Even though it’s a short story, I still wanted it to coordinate with The Protector cover. As much as I enjoy creating covers, I just didn’t have time to do it myself. Deborah did a great job. :-)See-No-Evil---web_250x401
A baby is abducted from her crib in broad daylight. The baby is the child of Detective Sydney Valentine’s friends. Who took her? And why?

This short story is 3546 words. The first two chapters of The Protector: A Sydney Valentine Mystery are included.


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Guest Post: Top Productivity Tools All Writers Should Know About

Danielle Lenee Davis:

Shannon posted about top productivity tools for writers. Take a look!

Originally posted on Shannon A Thompson:

Shannon, here, for a quick introduction. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Robert Morris from Ninja Essays. He wanted me to see the info graph Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors, and I am beyond grateful that he showed it to me. It is amazing. Seriously. Check it out by clicking here. But – onto the next part – I asked him to write a post for you all, and he agreed, so I hope you enjoy his post, Top Productivity Tools All Writers Should Know About.

Top Productivity Tools All Writers Should Know About

For writers, the usage of the Internet can go in two directions: it can either be a great resource for the work they are producing, or it can turn into a black hole that consumes their productivity by luring them with endless distractions. An average writer spends more than 50% of…

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‘Reunion of the Heart’ is here!!!!

Danielle Lenee Davis:

Reunion of the Heart is here! Go check it out! Go on. You know you want to. :-)

Originally posted on Elaine Jeremiah:


My second novel Reunion of the Heart is here! For those of you who don’t know, it’s a contemporary romance and so you know a little bit more about it, here’s the blurb:

After a messy breakup with her boyfriend, Anna is feeling fragile. So when her best friend Melissa suggests the two of them go to their school reunion, she’s reluctant as Anna’s school days weren’t her happiest. The evening is going well until she meets the boy who made her school life hell.
But the grown up Will is different and Anna is surprised by the direction her life takes. The reunion sets in motion a series of events that lead Anna to realise things will never be the same again.
‘Reunion of the Heart’ is a romance that will lead you to ponder whether love can atone for past mistakes.

It’s available to buy on Amazon and…

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Release blog hop & giveaway— The Tenant by Sotia Lazu

Danielle Lenee Davis:

Check out The Tenant! That cover says it all!

Originally posted on Barb Taub:

Does your summer need a little steaming up? Well grab your fan and get ready for The Tenant, Sotia Lazu’s new release from Taliesin Publishing.  But before you take a look, please join me in congratulating Danielle Lenee Davis and Alison Williams, winners of last week’s Lie-Dar. Yes, winners plural, because author Janet Simpson has kindly offered an additional copy of her hilarious new book, Lost Cause. Both Alison and Danielle guessed correctly that Janet won a contest for stand-up comedy.


  • Book Title: The Tenant
  • Author: Sotia Lazu
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Length: 55K
    Release Date: 08.07.2014
    Purchase Links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble 


In hopes of getting her fiancé to consummate their relationship before the wedding, Amanda convinces him they should check out the apartment her father gave her as a gift for their upcoming nuptials. Darkness and privacy are supposed to work in her favor, but there is one parameter she…

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Murder at the Maples is now FREE on Kindle

Danielle Lenee Davis:

Hey, cozy mystery lovers! Joanne Phillips is offering her book, MURDER at the MAPLES, FREE from today until Monday on Amazon. It’s a cozy romance-mystery. This is the first book in the Flora Lively series. Go get it! I did. :-)

Originally posted on Joanne Phillips:

You’d better not be getting fed up with Flora Lively news because I’ve got one more great bit of news today – to celebrate the release of the audiobook, the Kindle edition of  Murder at the Maples is now FREE! From today until Monday you can download the first in the series for absolutely nothing, giving you plenty of time to read it before Book 2 – A Date With Death – comes out in November.

Click on the cover to get your copy now …


Need more convincing to give it a try? Okay, here’s the blurb from Amazon:

Contemporary mystery with a touch of romance …

“A gripping tale filled with humanity and humor. Don’t miss this one!” Found Between The Covers

When twenty-nine-year-old Flora Lively loses both of her parents and inherits the family business, Shakers Removals, she tries hard to make a success of her…

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Cover reveal for ‘Reunion of the Heart’!!!

Danielle Lenee Davis:

Elaine Jeremiah’s cover for her latest novel, REUNION of the HEART is ready! This will be released August 15th. Check out her site for more information.

Originally posted on Elaine Jeremiah:


It’s finally here! Today’s the day I share with you my fabulous cover for Reunion of the Heart.

I also have ten lovely volunteers who will be helping with the cover reveal today!

This novel has been part of my life for well over a year now and it’s gone through various changes along the way.

Much of that is down to my eight wonderful beta readers who were good enough to read it for me and make so many helpful comments.

Now it’s pretty much ready for publication and I’ll be publishing it next Friday 15th August!  I’m going to follow its publication with some promo work, so watch this space.

Here’s  a brief blurb of the book:

After a messy breakup with her boyfriend, Anna is feeling fragile.  So when her best friend Melissa suggests the two of them go to their school reunion, she’s reluctant as Anna’s…

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