Copyright Tips and Tidbits: How and When to Register, How to Format Your Notice, and What Not to Do


Since I recently received notice that my copyright certificate of registration for my novel, The Protector, will be received within the next two weeks, I thought I’d reblog a post I read on another blog about copyright registration. The post is brief, but there’s good information here.

Originally posted on The POP Newsletter:

Self-publishers, take note: While it’s true that you hold an inherent copyright to your work just for the fact that you wrote it, should anyone try to infringe on your copyright you will be best served by registering with the US Copyright Office ( That may sound intimidating, but it is actually a fairly straightforward process.

How to Register

Start by going to the US Copyright Office website. The Copyright Office accepts both online and paper applications, and the applications come with easy-to-understand instructions. The filing fee (as of 2015) is $35 for online registration and $85 for hard copy.

In addition to the application and the filing fee, you will be asked to provide a copy of the “deposit” — what the Copyright Office calls the work to be registered. If you file electronically you can send an electronic file or a hard copy of your…

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Get a FREE story evaluation!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and staying warm.

Mary Rosenblum (author/editor/indie publisher/instructor), of New Writers Interface, has a FREE offer to anyone who wants to have their story evaluated.  Mary has helped many authors in their writing endeavors. That includes me.

Mary requests a submission of 500 words or less summarizing your story. It could be a story you’ve written, plan to write, or one you’re currently writing.

This offer expires on January 31, 2015.  If you’re not sure whether your idea is interesting enough to engage readers or if you don’t know who your readers are, give this a shot. It’s FREE! What do you have to lose?

This is what Mary says:  It can be pretty hard on writers who find the book bogging down in the middle. Suddenly it’s hard work and you find yourself wondering if anyone is even going to want to read it. Here’s a New Year offer for you. Between now and Jan 31, send me a 500 word (or less) summary of the story you are writing or plan to write. I’ll send you back my evaluation of who your readers are, what your market is, and any problems I see with your story or narrative arc.

Check out Mary’s blog for more information.  She’ll tell you how to get the submission to her. Have a great day.  :-)

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‘Null City’ stories – great reads that help animals too!


If you’re an urban fantasy reader, check out Barb Taub’s interview on the blog of Alison Williams. Barb writes the Null City stories and they’re on sale on Amazon. Royalties benefit a couple of No Kill shelters until January 1, 2015. If you love urban fantasy and/or love animals, go buy the books! Buy them even if you don’t love animals. Go ahead–you know you want to. I did. It’s for a good cause.

Originally posted on Alison Williams Writing:

Tales_from_Null_City-Barb_Taub-1563x2500                                          cap-Dont_Touch_Barb_Taub-500x800

I’m so pleased to have the lovely writer and blogger Barb Taub on my blog today to tell you about herself, and about the wonderful way she is raising funds for animals this holiday season. Barb says:

In honor of this holiday season, my publisher, Hartwood Publishing, is offering a special gift package of my urban fantasy Null City stories. Not only are they releasing the two newest stories as a $0.99 set called Tales From Null City, but my holiday-themed Don’t Touch will also be available at the sale price of $0.99. (£0.72 in UK)

In most of my stories, an animal companion plays a prominent role—from George, the grumpy cat in Don’t Touch, to Bygul, the bitchy feline goddess of Payback is a Witch. 

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Author Solutions Steps Up Global Expansion, Penguin Random House Integration


Writer beware. Don’t be the next victim!

Originally posted on David Gaughran:

PRHGrupoASIPenguin Random House is speeding up the international expansion of its vanity press operations, while also seeking to integrate them more closely with the traditional side of the business – hoping to counteract flat growth for Author Solutions at a time when self-publishing is booming.

Author Solutions launches a new self-publishing service company for the Spanish market next Tuesday – MeGustaEscribir – which contains the usual mix of crappy publishing packages and ineffective, overpriced marketing services, as well as some extremely questionable practices such as reading fees (more on that below).

The way the Author Solutions scam typically operates is detailed exhaustively in this post, but here’s a brief summary.

How Author Solutions Squeezes Newbie Writers

Customers are captured through a variety of deceptive means – such as fake “independent” websites which purport to review all the self-publishing options available to writers (but only compare the various Author Solutions…

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Got questions for me, Sydney, Mac, or Bernie?

Dear Readers,

Just a short note. I’ll now be taking reader questions via the ‘Got Questions‘ form available on the menu. The questions will be answered in one of the upcoming issues of my newsletter, Danielle’s News.

Questions for Sydney will be answered in Sydney’s Corner, a column which will be authored by our very own Detective Sydney Valentine.  It should be fun! Don’t miss out!



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Cover reveals, contests, pre-release chapters, and book news!

Hey, everybody! Sydney here. I want to let you know Danielle is starting a newsletter! She’s going to keep you up-do-date on her books and what’s going on in her life. You won’t find out super personal stuff, like how much she weighs. BUT, you’ll be an insider on lots of other things. Trust me, it will be worth it. It’s funny, when people say ‘trust me’, you usually shouldn’t. That’s not the case here. I promise.

Would you like to get the first few chapters of her books before they’re released? I know I would! What would it mean to you to get a look at book covers before anyone else? There will also be contests that only newsletter subscribers will hear about.

MoneyGave_300x200She’ll also write about people who’ve overcome tough odds in their lives. Of course, there will be something on crime, punishment, and justice. I love that part!

Now, here’s the best thing I like about this  deal. I’m getting my own column! Yes, I am. I’ll do some book reviews and opinion pieces about something going on in the news that interests me. My book reviews may be similar to the one I did here in April 2014 when I hijacked borrowed this blog.  If you haven’t read it,  check it out. I may or may not reveal the title of the book. If I don’t tell you the title is it still a review? Whatever. I think you’ll enjoy it anyway. You’ll be able to ask me questions and I’ll answer them in my column. I hope you’ll be interested in Danielle’s News and Sydney’s Corner!

Remember, you won’t get to enjoy any of this if you don’t sign up for Danielle’s News. This is separate from following the blog.

Sydney Valentine, Detective – San Sansolita Police Department

Sign up for Danielle's News!

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A shooting a mother and her baby…


Don (of All Trades) has a way with words. He can make you feel like you were ‘there’, tug your heartstrings, or have you laughing out loud all in the same post. That’s not what’s happening here though. If he ever writes a novel he’ll have a reader in me! :)

You’ve got to read his latest post.

Originally posted on don of all trades:

The intersection of Vandeventer and St. Louis Avenue isn’t in my district.

I am not subject to calls that come out in that area, but my car had a tire that was running low on air.

I told the dispatcher that I was going to the police garage to have the tire filled and I put my mic into my bag. I was out of service now so I could relax for a little bit and enjoy the trip to the garage without having to worry about another call coming my way for a few minutes. I cranked up Billy Joel’s Piano Man and headed south on Vandeventer.

As is often the case with the best laid plans of a police officer, my relaxing drive was interrupted, almost immediately.

An officer in the adjacent district heard shots fired nearby. He was on the scene almost immediately.

A more veteran officer…

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